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Cleaning & Waxing

houseboat interior cleaning Enjoy your leisure time with the pleasure and convenience of a freshly cleaned boat. Let our boat cleaning crew give your boat the treatment so you can relax in comfort.

Yes, we do windows. In fact, all areas of your cabin we would like to freshen up for you. Whether your boat is in need of just a touch up after a short outing or a full spring cleaning to start the year off right, just let us know what you need.
houseboat exterior cleaning We'll keep the exterior in top condition so you and your boat are looking and feeling great. A good washing, oxidation removal, waxing, UV protection to keep your investment in top shape.

And, yes we'll do the windows on the outside too...
houseboat accessories cleaning Keep your accessories such as the grille, spa, screens, railing, tables and chairs sparkling clean. Metal polishing, wood finishing, vinyl conditioning, or any material on your boat cleaned, refurbished, or restored.
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