U.S.Coast Guard

Houseboat Management, Cleaning,
Provisions and Pilot Services

Captains and Crews Boat Service is owned and operated by Captain James Doyle, his wife Josie and their family. Their passion has always been to provide a necessary service to the boating community while doing something they love.
“Dedicated to preparing your boat for the best experience on Lake Powell”
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C&C's Boat Services

boat cleaning
  • Interior / Exterior Cleaning & Preservation
  • Galleys, Heads, Windows/Isinglass, Floors/Decks
  • Washing, Waxing, UV / Corrosion protect
  • Metal Polish, Wood Varnish, Oxidation Removal
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grocery delivery
  1. Fill out our Online Order Form
  2. You're contacted to arrange delivery
  3. Your shopping list is delivered.
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* Lake Powell Groceries, A division of Captains & Crews
boat system check
  • Check Breakers, Test Pumps, etc...
  • Custom Checklist for Your Boat
  • Keep batteries and equipment in fresh condition.
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boat fueling
  • Gas, Diesel, Propane, etc.
  • Holding Pump-out and Trash Removal
  • Fresh Water Fill and Sanitary Inspection
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pilot service
Sit back and relax while our Coast Guard Licensed Pilot safely maneuvers your boat around the marina or on departure and arrival.
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boat repair
  • Scheduled Service, Turnaround, Systems Check
  • Inside & Out Minor Repaires or Replacement.
  • Propulsion/Generator Tune, Service, In-boat Repair
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