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Houseboat Management, Cleaning,
Provisions and Pilot Services

Captains and Crews Boat Service is owned and operated by Captain James Doyle, his wife Josie and their family. Their passion has always been to provide a necessary service to the boating community while doing something they love.
“Dedicated to preparing your boat for the best experience on Lake Powell”
Good idea to check the
current weather before boating!
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Current Water Temperature of
Lake Powell is 75°F

Boat Fueling and Pump Out

fueling service

Make your stay a pleasant vacation experience with the added convenience of our service while saving your vacation time for the lake, the view, and friends/family.

Enjoy our full service in fueling, pump out holding tanks complete with rinse and tank treatment, inspection of equipment, and fill your fresh water.

boat fueling and fresh water
  • Propane service available.
  • Bottle filling or exchange.
  • Boat Fueling, Gas & Diesel
  • Fresh Water, Oils, Etc. Fill Up
  • Holding Tank Pump Out
  • Tank rinse, inspection, treatment
  • Full system check
If you are interested in our service,
please see our contact page or
fill out our Service Request Form.
We look forward to assisting your needs.
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